Rental Includes:

  • Access to the barn/kitchen, lawns
  • Large parking area with  attendant, handicap parking available
  • Barn for reception
  • Ceremony site
  • Facility manager on site at all times
  • Complimentary use of facility for rehearsal by approval from JMF
  • 240 white padded chairs
  • 30 60” round tables
  • 2 6ft serving tables
  • Ice machine

Complimentary Amenities (available at no additional charge if desired):

  • Bridal dressing room with powder room and mini fridge
  • Groom’s dressing room with private restroom and refrigerator
  • Outdoor trashcans with trash removal
  • Wood burning rock fireplace; wood provided
  • Cleaning of floors, barn, and bathrooms by on-site staff

The Lease term, or actual time period Lessee shall have access and use of said property and improvements, shall be from 8:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. on the day preceding the event and from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. on the day of the event.

Inclement Weather. If rain is anticipated on the date of the event, then any portion of said event to be held outside shall be moved inside the barn. If the event is a wedding, outdoor décor can be moved inside the barn, and the guests witness the wedding ceremony while seated at their tables. Under no circumstances shall inclement weather on the date of the event be considered an “Impossibility of Performance” by Lessor or Lessee.

Usage of Alcohol. Only beer, unfortified wine and champagne may be served and consumed on the premises without a limited special occasion permit issued by the North Carolina ABC Commission. In the event that the Lessee desires to serve fortified wine and/or liquor at said event, the Lessee must obtain a limited special occasion permit from the North Carolina ABC Commission for $50. The permit must be posted in a prominent place within the facility where alcohol will be served on the day of the event. LESSEE IS RESPONSIBILE FOR APPROPRIATE USE AND CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL BY ALL PERSONS IN ATTENDANCE AT THE EVENT AND LIABILITY FOR ANY CONSEQUENCES ARISING FROM THE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL SHALL BE ASSUMED BY LESSEE AND THE PARTY OBTAINING THE BANQUET PERMIT. ONLY THE LESSEE MAY SUPPLY ALCOHOL FOR THE EVENT. NO GUEST OR INVITEE MAY SUPPLY ALCOHOL. A LICENSED SERVER(S) NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE EVENT MUST BE PRESENT TO SERVE ANY AND ALL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. NO DRINKING GAMES ARE ALLOWED TO BE PLAYED WITH ANY ALCOHOL ON THE PREMISES.

Cancellation Policy. Lessee must notify Lessor in writing of a cancellation. Certified Return Receipt U.S. Mail Delivery is highly recommended for proof of mailing and receipt by Lessor. If a written cancellation is received at least 180 days prior to the scheduled event date, Lessee shall receive a refund of the initial rental deposit minus $1000.00 for administrative costs and holding reserved dates.  Any notice of cancellation received less than 180 days prior to the scheduled event date shall result in a 100% forfeiture of any funds received from Lessee.

Music. Lessee is responsible for governing musical entertainment at the event, such that it be kept at a reasonable volume at all times. All music must be terminated no later than 10:00 p.m. unless preauthorized by Lessor.

Clean-Up. Lessee is responsible for the cleaning up of the premises after the event, by removal of all decorations and debris, and placing all trash in appropriate trash/recycle containers provided by Lessor, such that the premises are in the same physical condition as existed prior to the event. Exceptions to this are deep-cleaning of bathrooms, flooring, and the like, which shall be the responsibility of Lessor. Lessee clean-up can be done the day after the event if approved in advance by Lessor and if there are no other scheduled events for an additional $250.00. If clean up the day after is approved the Lessee has to be done by 3:00 and off the premises. If satisfactory clean-up of the premises is not carried out by the Lessee as described herein, Lessor may, at Lessor’s sole discretion, deduct from Lessee’s damage deposit an amount equal to $20.00 per hour of time spent by Lessor or Lessor’s agents or employees for proper completion of the clean-up left unfinished by Lessee.

Special Event Insurance is required to book. Proof of insurance must be provided before your event.


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